Social Media Marketing

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The most important aspect of my social media approach is the development of a social media marketing plan. Using a brand’s mission, vision, and values as guidance towards developing marketing goals serves as the foundation of the plan.

I believe social media marketing is a long-term game based on creating consistent, high-quality content; building brand awareness, reputation and trust; and developing strong brand to audience relationships.

When I manage a social media profile, I am not just simply posting. I am representing a brand; targeting an ideal audience; setting objectives; developing content, promotion, engagement, and conversion strategies; measuring and analyzing data; and monitoring search engine optimization to name a few. Make sure to go check out my social media tool at the top! I use this tool to keep me organized and to communicate with clients. 

Below are more examples of content I've created for different clients. Maintaining a cohesive look and creating high quality graphics is important, but it is just as important to create content that an audience responds to.  

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